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Christmas it's time for giving.abalorios pandora , So how long may be the list of subscribers you have to buy gifts for? What is your budget?

In case your budget is tight, you can take more time and fewer money by looking into *** presonalized christmas gifts for the girls, using watch , This project is tricky, and so i suggest you try one pair first to see if you are up to it and whether you prefer the results.mbt schoenen ,

You will need cardboard, pencil,pen knife, paint,needle,thread, vial of tiny beads,a pair of earring findings hooks.

1. Draw twelve pairs of stars in varying sizes on cardboard. 24 stars altogether to become split into 2 equal sets. The smallest star should be at least 2 cm wide.

2. Eliminate these stars and paint them a shiny silver or gold or any pretty color depending on the look you want. Divide these stars into 2 equal sets. Work on 1 set at any given time.

3. Go ahead and take first set, divide it into 3 subsets of four stars. Each subset should one of the 3 largest stars within this set.

4. Take one subset of four stars. Thread a needle and pierce it through the spike from the largest star. Tie a knot to secure this star. This is the foot of that earring strand.

5. Pass the needle via a 3 tiny beads.

6. Run the needle with the center from the second largest star within the subset and secure it by running the needle through a point in the star. Tie a knot to secure this star and pass the thread through 3 more tiny beads.

7. Repeat 6. for that other stars within the subset.

8. Pass the needle through the eye of the earring finding and back through the top bead of this strand, securing the strand towards the earring finding.

9. Repeat steps 4 to 9 for the other 2 strands. Once done, you have a single chandelier earring.

10. Repeat steps 3 to 9 with the other set for the matching earring.


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